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China CR Capital is a pioneer in providing Algorithmic Trading Solution, specializing in Cross-Border Arbitrage & Volatility Trading. The team has been providing investment services to family offices, institutional investors as well as ultra high-net-worth individuals since 2008. The formation in 2016 is the milestone of China CR Capital, which represents the silent solution provider becoming the prime mover to apply revolutionary technology in financial industry.

Market Neutral Strategy

Seeking profit from both increasing & decreasing prices in one or more markets, while attempting to completely avoid some specific form of risk. It aims to capture the profit from the short-term price differences or value deviations without directional bias.

FinTech Innovation

Exploiting the automated trading system with direct market access (DMA), which is connecting the Exchanges globally and can automatically execute the programmed algorithm. Applying Artificial intelligence to forecast the volatility of price differences among the targeted pairs of instruments.

Diversify Markets, Maximizing Profit

In the recent disruptive era that the geographical, political and ideological stability are deteriorated, and hence the global financial markets are fluctuated too. Cross-border Arbitrage neutralize the effect of worldwide market fluctuation and maximize the profit opportunity.

Pure Arbitrage

Whenever short-term price differences are detected between a pair of 100% correlated instruments, the programmed algorithmic strategy (buying low & selling high across exchanges to lock up profits that to be realized when the difference of the instruments’ prices converges) would be automatically executed.

Artificial Intelligence

Trading data is fed to Neural Network for recursive training in 30 minutes interval. Value Network provides the weight for different time-series data. Policy Network forecasts the profitable range of volatility and controls residuals. Perfectize the order placing and maximize the utilization of AUM.

Spread Trading

The trading algorithm is based on the statistical models developed upon pairs of highly correlated instruments, for example SSE 50 Index Futures vs. SGX FTSE A50 Index Futures; TAIFEX Taiwan Index Futures vs SGX MSCI Taiwan Index Futures. Whenever the Value Deviation is profitable, the algorithm will execute the trades instantly.

High-Frequency Trading

The in-house developed Automated Trading System can stably execute each transaction in 50 microsecond (i.e. max. 20,000 transactions per second), leading in Asia. With this absolute advantage in technology, China CR Capital consistently generates the continuous return for investors by adopting the risk-controlled arbitrage strategy.